When it comes to today's supercars, one that is eliciting a tremendous amount of interest is the McLaren 720S.

The follow up to the 650S certainly had big shoes to fill but it doesn't seem to be having much of a problem.

And resurrected from the dead is the all-new Acura NSX. Although it took a long time for it to reach the market and it seems like the hybrid setup isn't exactly much loved by enthusiasts, it still performs. Every one I know that has gotten behind the wheel says only positive things about it — how bad can it be?

Even better. What happens when you use both in Tokyo?

There's no question that each vehicle is interesting in its own way, yet does suffer from a debilitation or two. And rather than measure each based on their price, which one delivers the better — overall — experience?

CAR magazine's conclusion is below:

...That the NSX should feel a little out-gunned here is no surprise – the 570S is the Honda's natural Woking-built rival – but that the Honda struggles to lose a Civic Type R on serious roads is sobering. All the torque-vectoring cleverness in the world can't overcome the handicap of all that mass.

While the non-hybrid 720S can't claim to be a simple car it is a driving machine of uncomplicated brilliance, one whose essential excellence is a joy to experience, whether you're mooching Shinbashi or nailing Suzuka. To drive one every day, on the kind of nothing journeys superminis were made for is overkill (threading a £200k+ car through rush hour isn't for the nervous either) but the McLaren will do it, and do it so well it'll make the ordinary extraordinary.

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CAR WARS! Supercar Edition: Can The Acura NSX Hold A Candle To The McLaren 720S In Its Homeland?

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