You see, here's the problem with buying a Volkswagen convertible.

Actually, there isn't a problem; however, it's a lot like drinking a fine white wine.

It's smooth and tons of fun until you realize a couple of things:

1) It lacks the intensity of the red, which in this case will be our coupe variant.

2) You get tons of flack for it, even though it is more lively and fun.

Now aside from the usual issues of driving a convertible -- unwarranted shakes, interior rattles and an overall lack of finesse -- a Volkswagen convertible by default is lobbed into the "girly" category. That's just about fact, folks.

The GTI is here to change that; however, ultimately at the end of the day we just want to know ONE thing:

Is it better than the standard hatchback?

Read below and ye shall see...

...In the main, the GTI Cabriolet performs well. Scuttle shake is evident over high-frequency abrasions. With the roof-up, the frame tightens a little more. Ride is better than anticipated. There is a tendency, as with the standard Cabriolet, to crash over bumps but the primary ride is acceptable. Secondary vibrations can be felt through the standard-fit 18-inch alloys...

...Volkswagen has done an excellent job of turning the Golf Cabriolet into a very fast four-seat convertible. But with a price tag £3600 more than the hatchback, it is also an expensive one....

...There is an undeniable appeal offered by the GTI Cabriolet, but those chasing the many and varied skills the GTI badge is known for would be better served by the hatchback.

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DRIVEN: CAN The Volkswagen Golf GTI Cab Continue A Pattern Of Success OR Should You Just Get The Hatch & A Sunroof?

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