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Here we go.

One of the BMW i8's first reviews has hit the web and we get to hear all about it. And, coming from a reputable reviewer like CAR, we actually expect this to be pretty accurate to the real deal.

Though the i8 isn't going to be a cash cow for the Bavarians, it represents the future of BMW and I wager it will be the car that helps dictate what the driving dynamics of future BMWs become. That's because in a world where stricter C02 and mpg requirements exist, this technology will filter down into mainstream products.

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

So, strap in and get ready to read about the future. Buckle up, it'll be one helluva a ride.

Just to whet your appetite I've included two interesting snippets from CAR. Make sure to read the FULL piece by clicking "Read Article" below! Though it may seem a bit rosy so far, just wait until you get to the part where the i8 goes into "limp mode."

...Although the batteries are almost depleted, we try one last full throttle acceleration manoeuvre, this time with DTC on for just a little bit of slip. The sticky though relatively narrow Bridgestones (195/50 and 215/40) shriek briefly as the car takes off in jump-start fashion, first pulling then pushing, the back chasing the front, relentlessly gaining momentum. Somehow, this feels like riding an accordion as it extends and contracts. And in the background, the tyres intermittently wail, the e-motor hisses, the petrol engine growls, and the computerised brain orchestrates the antics. No, this is definitely not your old man’s BMW...

...Innovative, pace-setting, radically different, the i8 is remarkable. In its performance and handling, it feels every inch a typical BMW, despite using technology – carbonfibre, electrification – well outside the company’s comfort zone. It takes something special to hit the bull’s eye in two contrasting areas. But the i8’s green footprint is every bit as impressive as the black tyre tracks the enthusiast driver can also leave behind.

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