As we've reiterated countless times, we have a significant appreciation for reviews from owners.

Though publications can put out good content, the reality is that most of the time it's coming from a number happy journalist that wants to brag about silly numbers that frankly don't matter to the greater population.

An owner that's owned previous products from a brand has a much more informed opinion and expectations for a car. And considering a lot of these press folks don't actually have their own wheels, it changes the viewpoint a bit.

So, when I saw that an M235i owner recently posted his thoughts about his all-new wheels, I knew I had to share it with you. Even though some owner reviews are very slanted, this 2-Series owner is "keeping it real."

He tells the story as it is and provides some color where folks may have had concerns with the all-new BMW.

That said, check out some excerpts from his brief review below!

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I think it's only fair to lay the baseline for my comparison. I'm by no means the most skilled driver, but I do have a fair amount of track and auto x time under my belt and can pretty accurately surmise a cars performance. I've had three other 335i's, a MINI S, a couple S2k's, and some big turbo imports in the past...

...It's glorious for a stock car. Without question, the best part of the car. It won't be stock forever, but how this car delivers power and puts it to the road is basically heavenly. Two of my prior 335's were modified and the power output was without question significantly higher, but it was violent, non-linear, and something that a production car would never be...

...If you're an experienced track driver, this car is not something you'd want to replace your existing track car with. Point blank—if you want a track car, go buy a Porsche (if you don't already have one)...

...All this to say—diehard M guys, drive the car when you get a chance. Allocations are very limited right now, but drive it with an open mind and with a reasonable expectation of how you're going to use it for 99% of time. I would not be surprised in the least to see a decent amount of converts from leased M3's to the M235i...

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DRIVEN: The ONLY Review That Matters — A FORMER BMW Owner Reviews Their All-New M235i

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