So, if you're wondering how a Porsche 911 can — possibly — get any better than it already is, then the all-new Carrera 4 may be your answer.

In my experience, the two-wheel drive version is exceptional. It's so good I named it my number one pick for 2012.

But if you happen to live in a snow belt, you likely want a bit more security. Having a rear-wheel drive 911 isn't exactly ideal for the white stuff or any slippery conditions.

That's why the Carrera 4 exists. And the first reviews are coming in.

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What is it like?

Assured. The truth is, if your new 911 is going to be used most days, all year round, you should probably pay that premium.

Those who carp on about rear-driven 911s lacking for little on traction are right to do so. In the dry, 99 per cent of the time, you won’t even know that the front wheels of your Carrera 4 are being called into service for anything other than steering. In more slippery conditions, though, they begin to earn their money.


Should I buy one?

If your car is for general, everyday use, yes. For what it’s worth, though, if you’re going to save your 911 for summer trackdays and occasional holiday amusement, you’ll be better off sticking with rear-wheel drive and spending the £6.5k on optional kit.

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DRIVEN: The Verdict Is In — Is Porsche's All-New 911 (991) Carrera 4 Worth The Extra $?

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