You know that Ford did something remarkable when diehard, import-buying folks watch a commercial for the all-new Ford Fusion commercial and the first words once the screen goes black is "Damn, that's a good looking car.


We concur.

There's not much else that looks as sharp and as purposeful as the all-new Fusion. To be quite candid, it has the presence of a vehicle nearly double its price.

But, how does it drive? While looks are an important part of the equation, it certainly doesn't boast the MOST weight. If looks were the only thing buyers cared about, we'd all be driving Alfa Romeos or Ferraris and be stranded on the side of the road.

According to a recent review by USAToday's James Healey -- one of the few straight shooters in the business -- its motors are a bit too intrusive.

If you want to read about how the rest of the vehicle shakes out, click "Read Article" below.

Ford's makeover of its Fusion midsize sedan is a gorgeous delight — undercut by some drivetrain issues in the gasoline models.

The hybrid version, due very late this year, is, in contrast, a genteel champ that delivers strong mileage and pleasing performance...

...All makers struggle with the noise, but many minimize it better than Fusion. The direct rival Honda Accord is an example.

Accentuating the negative, the Fusion 1.6-liter's transmission downshifts too often, revving the engine needlessly and amplifying the racket.

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DRIVEN: Would You Trade Off A Noisy Motor For Arguably The Best Looking Midsize Sedan? The All-New Ford Fusion Gets Reviewed.

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