When it comes to luxury four-door coupes, it's pretty hard to say that anyone does it much better than Mercedes-Benz with the original, game changing CLS-Class and the Porsche Panamera.

With an all-new CLS landing in the States soon and Porsche having delivered a new take on the Panamera, the Sport Turismo, our friends across the pond decided to do something naughty.

Put them head-to-head and see which one deserves the crown.

Although on paper it may seem like a no brainer, there's a bit more to it than that. But rather than try to explain, I'll do two things: 1) I've provided the verdict; and, 2) Let you access the full story via the link below so you can understand why the Mercedes 'eeked out a victory.

...Not this time, because the Mercedes is just happier in its taut but comparatively ordinary skin. It’s also the more economical car and easier to guide along British roads. If its suspension could only conduct itself as fluently as its crankshaft, it would be the comfortable victor. As it stands, it scrapes the win, though both Stuttgart and Weissach have room for improvement in the electrified luxury car game.

1st - Mercedes-Benz CLS: Slower and less involving than its rival but the more complete o ering nonetheless

2nd - Porsche Panamera: Remains prodigiously adaptable, but its weight blunts its handling and compromises its ride

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CAR WARS! A Battle Of The Eccentrics — All-new Mercedes-Benz CLS Challenges The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

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