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BMW introduced 1 Series in 2004 as a replacement for 3 Series Compact, while the coupe and convertible version soon followed in 2007. The second gen debuted in 2011, but the German carmaker decided that coupe and topless version of it should separate in their own name game. In 2013 new generation was introduced and now branded as 2 Series and since some years has passed since then, it is time for some usual mid-life refreshing. Pictures of masked coupe version were already available, and now we have the opportunity to see masked 2018 BMW 2 Series Convertible.
This is just a mid-life refresh, and it will be done with usual BMW recipe. That means just slight nip and tuck but done in such a masterful manner that somehow whole car appears fresher. Germans haven’t bothered to mask the whole car, just parts that were destined for change and as we see those elements are lights and grille. The headlights are about to receive new shape of lenses, in line with latest brand’s models, so they are transferring from round ones to more angular ones, while also being open on one side now.

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2018 BMW 2 Series Convertible – Don’t Bother Waiting for It

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