Something must have been in the air last night when I was trying to decide on an updated profile pic for my FB account.

I decided on a nice interior shot. Of the Aston Martin DB5.

Little did I know, I'd wake up and hear of Sir Sean Connery's passing.

As a young kid 007 was the only person I wanted to be. Because he was unequaled.

You may have been a mythical character but you were one of the most real things, in mine and many others lives.

And as a boy and into manhood I tried to mimic so many things, learning other languages, entertaining pretty ladies the way he would, forever sharpening my wit and conversational talents, deep learning about food and drink, having a great appreciation for great vehicles, giving a few bad guys beat downs, traveling to cool spots and most of all, LEARNING about the craft of SPYING. Which many would say I've learned quite well.

Needless to say, if it wasn't for him, would probably not have happened.

Even when I came up with the '00' monikers, the first thing I told everyone is NOBODY gets to use 007. Just like no one should ever wear 99 again like the Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

So thank you Mr. Bond for all the joy, prosperity and happiness you brought all of us. Rest in royal peace '007'.

We are forever in your debt.

Agent 001 and ALL the agents at Auto Spies.

A Love Letter To The Greatest Bond Ever And The Inspiration For The Auto Spies Site. Farewell 007.

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