BorgWarner expects production of its dual-clutch transmission modules to increase 500% over the next six years, a key driver of the company's growth. At full-launch of announced programs under contract in 2012-2013, the company will be providing its innovative DualTronic(R) technology to an expected 2.3 million dual-clutch transmissions per year. Fewer than 450,000 dual-clutch transmissions a year are produced today, all of which have BorgWarner modules.

This dramatic growth will be driven by BorgWarner's first-to-market position in dual-clutch transmission technology with awarded business from transmission and vehicle makers around the world. These include programs with VW, Audi, Bugatti, SAIC, and a Japanese automaker. BorgWarner is also a key supplier to Getrag programs with five global automakers.

"BorgWarner's introduction of dual-clutch transmission technology into the growing automatic transmission market has provided automakers worldwide with opportunities for tangible fuel economy enhancements, emissions reductions and performance benefits," said Dr. Bernd Matthes, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Transmission Systems. "With legislation driving issues like fuel economy and emissions reduction, and consumers looking for performance and drivability enhancement, the demand for dual-clutch transmissions is increasing."

BorgWarner continues to be first to market with dual-clutch innovations and will be introducing next generation technology as its customers launch future programs. In addition, BorgWarner is developing a new concept dual- clutch transmission for emerging markets.

BorgWarner has led the globalization of dual-clutch transmission technology for ten years with awarded business in Europe, North America and Asia. BorgWarner DualTronic clutch and transmission control technology enables a conventional, manual gearbox to function as a fully automatic transmission while delivering improved fuel efficiency and a fun-to-drive experience. Global manufacturing capacity for BorgWarner dual-clutch transmission modules will be supported by expansion of its facilities in Germany and China, and a new facility in Mexico.

Borg Warner Braces For a Five Fold Increase In DSG Transmission Production

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