The Aston Martin Bulldog is one of those fantasy cars that looks incredible but for some reason never came to fruition. Bulldog isn’t exactly the greatest name, we can think of many others, such as SuperWedge or Starship Future Car or BattleStar Wedge. Those Star Wars / TRONesk days (we’re dating ourselves) are far behind us, but dang those late 70’s concept cars still look cool!

The Aston Martin Bulldog was styled by William Towns of DBS and Lagonda 4-door Saloon fame as a test concept in 1979. The concept is left-hand-drive, which is odd for a UK car. The doors open gullwing style and the driver instrumentation is all digital LED readouts similar to the AM Lagonda. It’s powered by a Garrett AirResearch V8 with twin turbochargers, which is rumored to produce between 650 - 700bhp. A high speed test of 192 mph was recorded, but it’s top speed is said to be well over 200mph.....

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Introducing the Aston Martin Bulldog Supercar Concept!

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