Crossover expansion is evident and it is hurting many traditional segments. But on the other hand, each crossover is heavier, less nimble, more fuel consuming and pricier than traditional sedan model on which it is based. So, for decades, the compact segment was the most rational way you can go if you are are looking for family transportation, let’s say entry level thing to family way of life. Which one to choose then? We pick two, which are a presentation of totally different worlds, so almost everyone can find itself on some side.
When we observe Mazda 3 VS Honda Civic Hatchback in terms of their market position, things are evidently leaning in Honda’s favor. Civic is currently in the tenth generation, it dates back all the way to 70’s, and from eight generation it became a trendy and posh thing to own, due to the peculiar styling of hatchback version.

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Mazda 3 vs Honda Civic Hatchback – It’s Not a Matter of Choice

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