You've probably read a bit about this car already, but here's another line of thought just to confuse you.

First, a little background. I'm a big fan of fitness for purpose. If you make a supercar, you need to make it super. If you make a daily grind hatch, you need to make it practical and durable. Everything has a little niche, and compromises to make, to steal a customer or two.

So one of the hardest cars to make would be a properly sorted fast and practical saloon, mainly because 'fast' and 'practical' don't tend to sit well with each other. It's the milk and orange juice equation. Fine on their own, but try to mix them and you end up with a queasy mess.

And yet, right now, we have several extraordinary cars that manage it to varying degrees of success. The Merc C63 is properly mental. The RS4 (I know it's out of production), is a brilliant, brilliant thing. The BMW M3 brings together so much tech and knowledge that the sheer speed it can amass is almost inconceivable.

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