Everyone knows about the Ford Lightning EV and from the looks of it and seeing the customer comments it seems for a first of its kind, they did a nice job.

I'm a big truck guy and if you've followed us for years you know that I'm a big Jeep, pickup and SUV fan. As well as a Porsche 911 lover.

And you know I have a reservation for the Tesla CyberTruck.

So I was very interested in the Lightning and I'm happy for my friends at Ford on a successful launch.

But for ME, $80-100k for an EV with LESS than 400 miles on a charge diminishes the chance significantly that I will be a buyer of the first-gen product.

I'd rather buy the Hybrid eco-boost and save $30k.

But the IDEAL product to me that I would RUSH to the dealer to BUY would be an F-150 Plug-in Hybrid that had a 50-100 mile range. That would be the BEST of all world's and based on my situation, I'd probably be able to go a few months without EVER adding gas.

So the question tonight is IF there was a plug-in hybrid F-150 in the dealership sitting next to that Lightning, WHICH would YOU buy and why?

IF, There Was A Ford Lightning Plug-In With 50-100 Mile Range Right Alongside The Lightning EV At YOUR Dealer WHICH Would YOU Choose?

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