Let's talk about those pickup trucks. Yes, they're big, they're loud, and they're as American as apple pie and questionable fashion choices. But blaming the potential a heat wave in Buffalo on our refusal to give up our pickups is like blaming a toddler for a volcanic eruption. It's a stretch, to say the least.

Let's be real here, folks. more and more experts are exposing the climate change cult and exposing the hidden wealth transfer agenda behind it.

But hey, if you're still convinced that Buffalo will turn into a scorching desert because of your pickup truck, go ahead and keep driving that gas-guzzler. Just don't be surprised when the only thing you're picking up is a hefty carbon footprint and a whole lot of eye rolls.

Are you as sick as we are from hearing from idiots like this guy who thinks it’s somehow his right to control our lives?

Are YOU As TIRED As We Are Hearing People Like This Say Things Like, Buffalo Will Reach 100 Degrees Because We Won't Give Up Our Pickup Trucks?

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