Endangered Montana Senator Jon Tester raged at the 'bunch of jacka**es' at the National Republican Senate Committee after they mocked him for driving a Prius.

Tester, a Democrat in deep red Montana facing re-election in November, often pitches himself as a humble dirt farmer.

However, the NRSC picked up on footage of Tester, 67, driving the red Toyota hybrid vehicle, which he's said he bought in 2020 to drive around Washington.

‘There aren't a lot of dirt farmers in Montana who drive a Prius. Jon Tester has gone Washington,' said NRSC spokesperson Maggie Abboud in a statement.

Tester - who will face Republican Tim Sheehy in his quest for a fourth term this November - went into a rage over the accusation that he's sold out.

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Montana Senator Who Calls Himself A HUMBLE DIRT FARMER Gets PRIUS-SHAMED By The GOP.

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