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Continental Honda Acura
5001 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99503
(800) 478-8111
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Continental Honda Acura - Anchorage, AK

On 8/5/2015 5:28:13 PM wrote:
I've gone to Honda Continental probably 5 times now almost always for an oil change and twice for my tires and for the most part they did a good job. When they did good they did good but when they didn't, they really dropped the ball in my book.

I went to get a screw taken out of my right front tire and get the tire patched. They patched it and I went on my way. While going in for another oil change I had let them know I wanted the Left front tire looked at because it had been running low. They called me back and told me I needed a new Right front tire because the patch was too close to the side wall. I responded confused because that tire wasn't having any problems but the other one was. They said the Left one was fine but to replace the Right one. I told them no because we weren't even on the same page so I would just come pick it up and keep an eye on it myself.

I unfortunately decided I would order the tire hoping they knew what they were talking about and waited 2 weeks and turns out it was in but no one called me. Then when I called to ask about it they told me to bring it in. Well turns out I didn't need it after all because the Left tire did in fact have a small hole in it, even though they said it was fine.

I thought being the dealership I had bought the car from only a year prior it would be a good place to get service done at. It isn't. Even when I bought the car the gentleman I worked with on paper work messed up my paper work and was going to make me pay for something I asked and had signed paper work stating I didn't want it.

So from the very beginning they've given inconsistent and untrustworthy service which is extremely unfortunate because I would love to take my car to the dealership. On top of bad service when I told someone what had happened they told me a manager would follow up and that was probably 4 weeks ago now. So when they made the mistake they didn't even have the integrity to make it right or even at the least follow up.


Continental Honda Acura - Anchorage, AK

On 9/6/2013 11:55:32 AM Sunshine077 wrote:
This dealership does not understand the importance of customer service. When you make an appointment for a simple oil change (typically 30-45 min) it takes 2-4 hours if not all day. They will make an "appointment" but do not understand what an appointment is. In their terms the appointment is only for you to drop your car off and leave it with them all day so they can get to it when they get to it. They told me and other customers that it should be 2 hours. We waited and it took 5 hours and they never let us know when our cars were done. We saw the car sitting in the parking lot and we had to go ask if it was done. They looked in the computer and said it looks like it just got done, when it had been done for awhile. If you like to leave your car with them all day and work with a dealership that does not care about their customers this is your dealership. One would think that the management would look into a more efficient way to get service done like other dealerships do and not make their customers wait all day for a simple service.